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Already knew? Kate Winslet’s daughter is also an actress

Kate Winslet (45) is one of the most successful actresses in the world: The native British delighted an audience of millions with her performances in “Titanic”, “The Reader”, “Labor Day” and Co. – and was even awarded one for her talent Oscar honored. But not only the 45-year-old is regularly in front of the camera for big stripes: Even Kate’s 20-year-old daughter Mia Threapleton is an actress!

Mia Threapleton – the daughter of Kate and her ex-husband Jim Threapleton – follows in the great footsteps of her famous mother: Among other things, the 20-year-old has already appeared in the dark thriller “Shadows”. “I think I knew it was going to come that way,” had Kate proud in one ITV-Interview announces and emphasizes: “I always guessed it.” Mia is currently working on another project – a TV series in the Czech Republic.

In addition, was Kate especially proud of her daughter because she would have mastered the start of her career in the film industry all by herself. “It’s really great for her that she has a different surname,” said the “Titanic” actress and reported: “The people she cast had absolutely no idea she was my daughter.”

Kate Winslet in New York City in November 2017
Actress Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet in November 2017 in Beverly Hills



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