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Watergate drama with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn lands on Starz

Gaslit: Watergate drama with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn lands at Starz

Last change: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 6:42 a.m.

Julia Roberts in Homecoming and Sean Penn in The First (c) Amazon Prime Video / Hulu

The Watergate drama Gaslit, which is based on the slow-burn podcast, will premiere on Starz and Starzplay. Julia Roberts and Sean Penn play central roles. However, some well-known names also say goodbye.

Starz becomes home to a series about the “Watergate“Scandal called Gaslit. The format is based on the “Slow burnPodcast and Julia Roberts (Homecoming) and Sean Penn (The First) star like Deadline reports. In Germany, the role will be seen on Starzplay.

Previously, Joel Edgerton should also play a role and even direct, but he and his brother Nash Edgerton have left the series, which was presented in February 2020. Armie Hammer will also no longer participate. Hammer would play White House Counsel John Dean and play Edgerton as G. Gordon Liddy, head of Richard Nixon’s Plumber Unit. A replacement must now be sought for both.

Matt Ross (“Captain Fantastic“,”28 hotel rooms“) Directs and becomes executive producer. Robbie Pickering (Mr. Robot, Search Party) remains a showrunner. Production is scheduled to start in spring.

Julia Roberts takes on the role of Martha Mitchell, a strong personality with a big mouth. She is a member of Arkansas high society and is the wife of Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell (Penn). Despite belonging to the same party as Nixon, she is the first to ring the alarm bells when it becomes clear that Nixon is involved in Watergate. This is turning the presidency and its life upside down. Mitchell is Nixon’s greatest confidante and best friend at the same time. He is considered spirited, ruthless and has a loose mouth, yet he is hopelessly in love with his wife. So he has to choose between Martha and the President.

Together with Pickering, Sam Esmail (Homecoming, Mr. Robot) and Chad Hamilton (Homecoming, Mr. Robot) with their production company Esmail Corp are among the executive producers as part of their collaboration with UCP. Roberts will serve as executive producer with her company Red Om Films, as will Lisa Gillan and Marisa Yeres Gill. Anonymous Content as well as Gabriel Roth and Josh Levin from Slate are also part of the production team. Leon Nayfakh, who created the podcast, acts as a consultant.

Showrunner Robbie Pickering: “I am so happy to share the heartbreaking, fascinating story of Martha Mitchell with the world. Martha was the first to speak out loudly against this clumsy criminal activity. At the same time, as a public martyr at this time, she was also extremely complex and multi-layered. It is a dream to find someone who wants to tell their story. Doing this with Sam, Julia, Sean, Matt, UCP and Starz is incredible. I’m so happy.

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