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THEREFORE we will not see any pictures of Ashton Kutchers and Mila Kunis offspring

The couple only recently shared a photo of their 2-year-old son, but for a very specific reason we cannot expect any more pictures from now on …

Just last month, we were spoiled by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis with a cute picture of 2-year-old Dimitriswhich him with a T-shirt of the show “The Wild Seventies” shows. The special? In the series, the roles of “Kelso” and “Jackie” were given by his parents Embodied Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Even if after this snapshot the hope arose in us that from now on we would often see photos of the offspring of the two actors, according to a statement from the parents, that will probably not happen again for the time being …

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: No photos of their kids

The 39-year-old now commented on the situation in a “The Thrive Global Podcast” with IHeartRADIO as follows: “We will not share pictures of our children publicly because we find that public life is a personal choice. My wife and I picked our own careers to be in the public eye, but my kids don’t have that. So I think they have the right to do so make the decision yourself. Everyone should create their own social profile and nobody else should do that for you. “

He also emphasized that images from childhood could be used against his offspring in later lifeif they fall into the wrong hands: “I’m Dimitris and Wyatt’s father, everything else comes second”. We find the attitude of the young parents very sympathetic and therefore have to wait a few more years until we really get to see the offspring … 🙆

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