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Superman & Lois, The Flash, Sweet Tooth, Loki, Solos, How to Sell Drugs Online (fast) – Edieh

Superman & Lois

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Tyler Hoechlin easily slips into a role that is far too big – and only gets support from all sides (this one and the photo in the header: The CW)

Superman & Lois In the second half of the season you don’t notice that they were born out of the Arrowverse – and that’s so beneficial: Well-constructed stories in which the central and supporting characters are equally taken into account, a set that is in comparison looks almost cinematic compared to the other series, plus a never imposing score and, above all, a focus on Superman, Lois and her family, but also Lana, her husband and their daughter, who does not slide into the cheap soap cliché box, but allows every figure heroic moments.

(Watched: All episodes of the first season)

## The Flash
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The absolute Flashes overdose (Photo: The CW)

Unfortunately, the last episodes of the seventh season are not convincing either – despite a few nice moments. Two central supporting characters drop out in the course of the season, but of course after only a few episodes they have to reappear briefly – to appreciate the 150th episode. Fan service is everything? No, because the series makers simply exclude other popular characters here. And so the season remains unfortunately … meh!

(Watched: All Season 7 Episodes)

Sweet tooth

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Gus (Christian Convery) meets the outside world with great naivety (Photo: Kirsty Griffin / Netflix 2021)

A successful mixture of Kasper Hauser child meets world history, post-apocalypse and road trip with huge anthropomorphic googly eyes and questions big and small. For example, how a child with antlers can put on a sweater …

(Watched: All episodes of the first season)


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Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney +

When the last scene ran, I was about to write a scathing short review. What obvious mistakes did the authors make? The villain was only revealed in the last act and was only allowed to rattle off exposure. But with the announcement that there would actually be another season, the whole thing turned for the better for me – as an intermediate act and cliffhanger, the series works – even if it is often “only” one in the meantime Doctor Who with better effects budget was.

(Watched: All episodes of the first season)


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Solos | Official trailer | Prime Video DE

A good anthology has a common theme and / or somehow pulls its stories together. Solos tries both at times, but tends to forget about it in another place. The strongest episodes are still at the beginning (with Helen Mirren, Anne Hathaway and Anthony Mackie, among others) and small aspects still connect individual stories, before unfortunately only a mess remains that the final episode with the combined charm of Morgan Freeman and Dan Stevens is no longer really able to cement.

(Watched: All episodes of the first season)

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

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Blown. But is there still something you can do? (Danilo Kamperidis, Damian Hardung, Maximilian Mundt, Photo: Bernd Spauke / Netflix)

The third (and last) season manages to tie in with the first in terms of quality after a somewhat meager second season and focuses on its characters again. Nevertheless, countless playful allusions and nerd gags remain as fireworks and show that such creative series can also arise in this country. Netflix would do well to keep the picture-and-sound factory in charge!

(Watched: All Season 3 Episodes)

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