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Kate Winslet: “I was a terrible wife” – folks


24 years ago she had her big breakthrough with “Titanic”. The film grossed 1.5 billion dollars and is the third most successful of all time. Since then, Kate Winslet has been one of the big stars in Hollywood – and still fondly thinks back to it today.

“I can still remember everything. I even remember exactly what was on the program on the first or last day of shooting and what it felt like to wear the costumes. I could even recite my dialogues without any problems, ”says the actress about BamS. Many friendships were also formed at that time. “I am not only in regular contact with Leo, but also with many of the other actors and staff.”

Many years have passed since the shooting. Kate Winslet is now in her third marriage and has had a child with every man.

She was married to director Jim Threapleton (48) from 1998 to 2001 and has a daughter with him, Mia (20). With director Sam Mendes (55) the marriage lasted from 2003 to 2011 and gave birth to son Joe (17). She has been married to marketing expert Ned RocknRoll (43) since 2012. His real name is Edward Able Smith, but he had his name changed in 2008 for fun. Together they have son Bear (7).

Kate Winslet and husband Ned RocknRoll (42).  The couple has been married since 2012 and has one son.  Winslet has two more children from their two previous marriages

Kate Winslet and husband Ned RocknRoll (43). The couple has been married since 2012 and has one son. Winslet has two other children from their two previous marriagesPhoto: AP

One might think that Kate Winslet, especially when she became a mother at a very early age, falls back on the help of a nanny.

But she doesn’t want that. “Of course it is tempting to have a nanny, to live in a sealed off luxury residential complex and to be pampered by a private chef. I would think it would be a dream if my food was prepared for me every day. ”

1997: With LeonardoDiCaprio in

1997: With LeonardoDiCaprio in “Titanic”Photo: INTERFOTO

But the actress wants her children to grow up as normally as possible. Without the complete Hollywood madness.

“Rather, I want you to be shocked when asked whether we have a chef.” That is why the actress herself is at the stove and likes to be inspired by TV for new recipes. “I love the ‘Top Chef’ show. I’m obsessed with it. “

2021: Winslet (l.) In the series

2021: Winslet (l.) In the series “Mare of Easttown”Photo: imago images / Cinema Publishers C

But she even prefers to be in front of the camera. This can now be seen again in her new crime series “Mare of Easttown” (from May 21, Fridays on Sky), in which Winslet plays the policewoman Mare Sheehan.

She has to cope with a divorce, a drug addict daughter and her son’s suicide. The role pushed Winslet to its limits. “I love my job. But it was so exhausting that I sometimes wondered, why the hell am I doing this to myself? Enduring the emotions every day was really extremely exhausting. “

The shoot even had an impact on her private life. “I always felt extremely sorry for my husband. For example, when he chose a nice restaurant on a Sunday, I often had to say, ‘I can’t go to brunch. I’ve got a bloody scene tomorrow that is six pages long, ‘”Winslet said.

“Actually, I was just working without enjoying a day off. I was a terrible wife! “

Kate Winslet:
Photo: BILD



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