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Johnny Depp in the “crime scene” Ludwigshafen? Twitter explodes!

Shortly after the “crime scene Ludwigshafen” had picked up this evening, it started on Twitter. Is that Johnny Depp, who plays alongside the inspectors Lena Odenthal and Johanna Stern in “The Bad King”? The suspect Anton Maler caused confusion among the audience – or at least a lively imagination. Of course, he was not portrayed by Hollywood star Johnny Depp, but by Austrian actor Christopher Schärf. After this crime scene he should have one more nickname.

The plot of the crime scene was then rather irrelevant in the Twitter comments. The Johnny Depp comparisons became a kind of competition. The commentators outdid each other with gags and innuendos.

The 42-year-old Christopher Schärf, whom crime fans already know from “Die Toten vom Bodensee” or “SOKO Wien”, should be happy about the comparison with the Hollywood star. After all, Johnny Depp has loads of men and women at his feet and despite all the scandals he’s a damn good actor. However, with a wink, some viewers report doubts about the comparison.

Who knows? Perhaps after this evening we will see Christopher Schärf in a German remake of “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Edward Scissorhands”. At least as a Johnny Depp double, he obviously passes. There was a little bit of feedback on the actor’s plot and talent as well as looks. On the whole, one was probably satisfied with what was offered.

Last chance for sleepyheads

Anyone who missed Johnny Depp… sorry… Christopher Schärf in the Ludwigshafen crime scene still has the chance to access the crime thriller in the ARD media library. There he is available for another six months. This is what it’s all about: A Ludwigshafen kiosk operator is brutally slain. It looks like robbery – if it weren’t for coins in the dead man’s windpipe. A signal for Lena Odenthal and Johanna Stern that there could be a private motive for the deed. Her investigations are focused on two customers of the kiosk.

The role of Anton painter

Anton Maler looks charming, takes care of his sick ex-girlfriend and is so overly accommodating to the inspectors that he looks suspicious again. Jannik Berg, on the other hand, was not only seen with the possible murder weapon, he tried to evade the police officers and sowed distrust of Anton Maler. Witnesses and suspects who lie and gloss over are nothing new to Lena Odenthal and Johanna Stern. This time, however, they have the impression that they are supposed to be manipulated beyond the usual extent.

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