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Inconceivable: Clooney should have played Ryan Gosling’s role in this film

In 2004, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams enchanted an audience of millions as lovers in “The Notebook” (German title: “Like a single day”). What was previously not known about the film, which is considered one of the most beautiful love films of all time: Hollywood star George Clooney could almost have been seen in it.

Clooney was slated for Gosling’s role

So far, only a few love films have been on Clooney’s agenda. Opposite the magazine Deadline revealed the 59-year-old, who became known to an international audience in the 1990s thanks to the series “Emergency Room” and has now also become a director and screenwriter was able to establish, but now that he almost took a role in “The Notebook” – and not a supporting role.

Actually, he should have played the main male role of Noah, who later got Ryan Gosling, while Paul Newman should have portrayed the older version of Gosling’s character.

“We should have done ‘The Notebook’ together,” said Clooney of himself and Newman. “Originally I would have it [Anm. Paul Newman] should play as a young man. That was funny. We met and said, ‘This is it. This is going to be great. “

But then he had doubts when he watched old Paul Newman films and realized that he didn’t look much like him, according to Clooney. Never in his life would anyone have bought him to be the younger version of Newman.



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