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Face / Off 2: Nicolas Cage and John Travolta open to return

After it became known last month that the new Face / Off film would not be a reboot, but a sequel, the question quickly arose as to what extent this also meant a return of the two original actors Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. Now director Adam Wingard has commented on the subject in an interview.

Wingard initially stated that Face / Off for him is not the concept of the exchange of security, but the story of Castor Troy and Sean Archer. Accordingly, the director also wants to bring the two actors back. Cage and Travolta are said to have already signaled their interest in returning, but both actors are waiting for the script before they officially sign a contract. Wingard is currently working on the script with Simon Barrett.

John Travolta starred in Face / Off the FBI agent Sean Archer, who succeeds after a long hunt to arrest the terrorist Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage). However, he is in a coma after his arrest, which is mainly a problem because Troy planted a bomb somewhere in Los Angeles.

To find the location of the bomb, Archer has his archenemy’s face transplanted. He then tries to get information about the bomb from the terrorist’s brother in prison. In the meantime, however, Troy wakes up and can again have the FBI agent’s face transplanted. In freedom he takes on the identity of Archers and a deadly game between the two men begins again.



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