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“Only Murders in the Building”: That’s how good the new true crime comedy starring Selena Gomez is

“Only Murders in the Building” with Selena Gomez and Steve Martin is a comedy, thriller and true crime series

A murder takes place in the “Arconia” apartment building in New York. The Poilzei quickly marks him as suicide, three residents who met by chance, but disagree, investigate on their own – and start a true crime podcast.

“Only Murders in the Building”: That’s what it’s all about

An anonymous apartment building in New York City. The residents do not know each other, the anonymous life of the big city is here par excellence demonstrated. Then, however, all residents are rang from the house by a fire alarm: Resident Tim Kono is found dead in one of the countless apartments.

By chance, three residents meet in a diner in the Upper West Side neighborhood: the one who is always in a good mood Oliverwho have favourited Chilled Millennial Mabel and the former TV star Charles. The three not only share the same address, but also their preference for the True Crime Podcast “All is not OK in Oklahoma,” the new episode of which they all had to interrupt because of the alarm.

After the murder in their own house, the absolutely unequal trio decides to investigate themselves as part of their own true crime podcast and to catch the killer. It goes without saying that this does not go completely smoothly and is often very funny, as does the fact that the killer could be a resident of your house or even your neighbor (or sting).

Not only the investigations of the police and the trio are going on in secret – no, everyone is also trying to find their own Secrets to hide: Oliver for example. On the outside he is always in a good mood, nice and friendly to everyone. What hardly anyone suspects: Oliver is a failed musical director who is about to be thrown out of his apartment and private ruin. Charles was a commissioner on the TV series “Brazzos”, but that is what he remembers most, because his glory and glory days are long gone. Charles spends most of his time alone in his immaculate apartment; he shies away from strangers. And finally Mabel: Millennials only reveal what they really want. For example, that they do this Murder victim Knows much longer than from just a single elevator ride, she hides from the two older men. Mabel is the mysterious one in “Only Murders in the Building” maybe want to solve more than just a murder of a neighbor.

“Only Murders in the Building” is a hilarious series that Comedy, True Crime and Mystery mixes with each other – and the result is an absolute must-see. It is noteworthy that the series is released in the US at the Disney offshoot Hulu runs, also holds up the mirror to ourselves: us and our greed for true crime podcasts and series, our big city life, which allows us the highest possible anonymity, but which we have to pay for with a lack of real interpersonal relationships.

“Only Murders in the Building”: Trailer

“Only Murders in the Building”: Who is playing?

Selena Gomez plays the mysterious Mabel, who walks through New York almost exclusively in a faux fur jacket, headphones and knitted hat. She is the millennial and digital native who are carefully leading the old man duo into 2021. Speaking of the “old man duo”: Steve Martin plays Charles and his former Saturday Night Live colleague Martin Short takes on the role of the eccentric but lonely Oliver. The three of them Martin, Short and Gomez are unbeatable: Even if Short and Martin’s jokes come together, it is Selena Gomez who always hits the spot with dry comments and “Only Murders into the Building” makes something very special: a series for all ages.

The idea and script for “Only Murders in the Building” came from Dan Fogelman (“This Is Us”) and John Hoffman, among others, from comedy mastermind Steve Martin. It is his first script since “The Pink Panther” in 2006 and that alone could be the reason for the density of celebrity guest stars: In “Only Murders in the Building” Singer Sting plays herself, Tina Fey (“Mean Girls”) is a successful and ambitious true crime podcaster and Da’Vine Joy (“High Fidelity”) appears as a true crime-weary detective.

“Only Murders in the Building”: Which streaming service is the comedy series running on?

The first two episodes of “Only Murders in the Building” are running from August 31, 2021 at Disney + Star. Then another episode appears every week. Overall, the first season comprises ten episodes of 30 minutes each.

Not a Disney + subscription yet? Then this way please!

“Only Murders in the Building”: That’s why the mystery series with Selena Gomez is worth it

In all honesty: Comedy doesn’t get any better. With “Only Murders in the Building” Steve Martin wrote a modern, contemporary comedy series that should appeal to everyone.

Steve Martin himself and Short are a show as a well-rehearsed comedy duo – but it’s episode after episode Selena Gomez, which provides the special joke in her first series role since “The Wizard of Waverly Place”.

“Only Murders in the Building” is an unexpected, absolutely weird series that no one should miss out on in the fall of 2021. In 2021, no better murder mystery series will win our hearts.

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