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Mark Wahlberg and his brothers mourn their mother

Mourning the Wahlbergs: The family of Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg has to cope with the loss of their mother. Alma Wahlberg was 78 years old.

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The mother of the American actor Mark Wahlberg died at the age of 78. “My angel. Rest in peace,” wrote Mark Wahlberg to a picture of her on his Instagram profile. One of his three brothers, Donnie Wahlberg, said goodbye to the head of the Wahlberg family with an almost two-minute video, also on the social media platform.

Emotional post from Donnie Wahlberg

To this end, Donnie Wahlberg wrote a long text in which it says, among other things, that he was “blessed to have been brought into this world by such a wonderful woman, brought up” and “to have been brought on the path of my life”. The video shows small clips in which, among other things, he dances and laughs with his mother.

“My mother Alma’s joy in life, love and people – combined with a pride in her humble beginnings and a refusal to forget where she came from – has undoubtedly shaped me into the man I am,” added the singer further out. In July of last year, Donnie Wahlberg published a brief health update on his mother. “During my visit, she didn’t remember much and was often confused, but somehow she was still Alma,” he wrote in an Instagram post at the time. Apparently, his mother suffered from dementia, as reported by the “People” magazine.

Alma Wahlberg took part in the “Wahlburgers” reality show, which revolves around the family’s burger restaurant of the same name. Mark, Donnie and their brother and head chef Paul Wahlberg have been running the restaurant since 2011, and the show was on the US commercial broadcaster A&E Network from 2014 to 2019. In addition to Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg, the six other siblings also mourn their mother. Family father Donald Wahlberg died in 2008.



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