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“Cinderella” star Camila Cabello collapses

Shortly after she had cleared up with a clear statement about her engagement to boyfriend Shawn Mendes, singer and actress Camila Cabello wanted to concentrate on her new film “Cinderella”. But at the premiere of the film comes the big shock moment: Cabello faints! Fans are concerned because the star (like many others in the industry) suffers from panic attacks. Has the pressure of the last time been too much for the singer? Even during the premiere, she explains to the startled viewers.

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“Sorry, I just passed out”

The evening was supposed to be a very special one for Cabello – and it was, just for different reasons than she had certainly hoped for! The actress and her colleagues celebrated the premiere of her new film “Cinderella”, in which she plays the eponymous character. When she was announced on stage, it took a moment for the actress to appear – and immediately knocked out the reason for her delay: “Tut I’m sorry, I just passed out. But now I’m back!What followed was a murmur of concern from the audience. Certainly more than one person was amazed at the naturalness with which Cabello dealt with her faint. Sure, you don’t always have to turn a mosquito into an elephant, but how often do people faint “just like that”? But the actress had an explanation for that too.

Stomach problems are said to have led to fainting

She has “terrible stomach problems“, Explains the singer and actress. Minutes earlier she could be seen on the red carpet and looked absolutely fit and happy on the outside! After all, “Cinderella” is her first role – and then also as the leading actress. On the other hand: Nobody wants to see a star who complains about stomach aches and “whines about” on the red carpet – at least you might think so! Stars are expected to be fully committed to public appearances and to grin at the camera in a good mood. It should be much more important how they are really doing. We are definitely glad that Cabello is apparently fine again. 🥰

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