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Cardano achieved a significant plus, BTC over 50,000 dollars

On Wednesday, the crypto market showed a largely positive development (Trending Topics reported). The situation looks even better on Thursday (September 2nd). Almost all top currencies show increases. Bitcoin has achieved a plus of five percent in the past 24 hours and is therefore worth 42,000 euros. This is the first time that BTC has passed the $ 50,000 mark since August 23. The capitalization is almost 800 billion euros. Cardano has a particularly good day with an increase of nine percent.

Crypto market on the rise – significant gains for Polkadot and Uniswap

At Cardano, the value is now 2.57 euros with a capitalization of 83 billion euros. Over the past week, the currency has grown by 18 percent. Ethereum also had a strong week. In the past 24 hours, the increase has been five percent, in the last seven days even 20 percent. The value is 3,168 euros with a capitalization of 371 billion euros. The currency is currently benefiting from another NFT boom.

The Cardano chart for the last 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Cardano chart for the last 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

After an interim correction, things are going uphill again for Solana. The currency, which has been hugely hyped in the past few days, has increased by seven percent to 98.61 euros. In the past seven days, that means an increase of a whopping 70 percent. Here the capitalization is 28.5 billion euros. On the market as a whole, capitalization has risen from 1.78 trillion euros to 1.86 trillion euros.

Top stories

Twitter wants to introduce Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network

The microblogging service Twitter could soon introduce Bitcoin payments so that users can send the cryptocurrency to others as a donation or tip. This is indicated by screenshots that test users are currently distributing. According to the screenshots, Twitter relies on the Lightning Network, which makes BTC transactions faster and cheaper. In addition, the company relies on Strike, which specializes in Bitcoin payments and also offers a digital wallet (Trending Topics reported).

Twitter wants to introduce Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network

Hackers steal $ 19 million worth of Cream Finance assets

Cream Finance, a company specializing in crypto loans, has suffered a serious hacking attack. The cyber gangsters stole Ethereum and AMP tokens worth almost 19 million dollars, writes Golem. Cream Finance stopped all lending and financial services through AMP after the incident to prevent further thefts. For the company, it is the second attack of its kind in 2021. In February, hackers had stolen Ethereum worth $ 37.5 million.

Capitalization of listed crypto firms has quadrupled

The combined market capitalization of publicly traded crypto companies has roughly quadrupled this year, writes Cointelegraph, citing a report by CoinShares. The number of public digital asset companies grew 28 percent over the same period. At the beginning of the year they were worth about $ 25 billion, with mining companies and financial services companies making up the lion’s share of the value. This figure is now around $ 100 billion.

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