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Young Rock: New series with Dwayne Johnson on Sky

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, is known to most as a successful actor from hits like “Fast & Furious Five” and “Jumanji – The Next Level”. But before he became an absolute superstar, Johnson drew attention to himself as a football player and above all as a wrestler. In the charming comedy series “Young Rock” he looks back on his eventful youth. Sky will include the eleven episodes of the first season in its program from October 4, 2021 and will broadcast them every Monday from 8:15 p.m. in double episodes. In addition, “Young Rock” is available on Sky Q and Sky Ticket – either in the German dubbed version or with the original sound.

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That’s what Young Rock is about

Dwayne Johnson (played by himself) is running for US President in 2032. In an interview with Randall Park, he looks back on the exciting life that shaped him into the man he is today. The journey leads from his childhood in a robust family, surrounded by wrestling icons, through the rebellious years of his teenage age to his time as a football player at the University of Miami. Apart from the interview scenes in which Johnson can be seen, “Young Rock” shows flashbacks to the years 1982, 1987 and 1990. Adrian Groulx (“Mighty Express”) embodies the ten-year-old Dwayne, Bradley Constant (“Following Phil”) is the 15th -year-old teenager and Uli Latukefu (“Marco Polo”) played Dwayne at the age of 20.

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Good news for the rock fans: Even before NBC aired the final episode of the first season in the US, the US broadcaster announced that there was a second season of the series. It will probably flicker on the screens from 2022.

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