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PleasrDAO offers original DOGE NFT memes in 17 billion pieces.

  • The DOGE NFT memo is now to be sold in 17 billion individual parts.
  • Holders of ERC-20 tokens can decide when the original NFT should be auctioned again.

The original DOGE non-fungible token (NFT) meme is cut into pieces and auctioned in several parts. The DOGE NFT meme sold for $ 4 million, or 1,696.9 ether, on June 12th. Then Atsuko Sato sold the NFT to PleasrDAO. PleasrDAO is an experimental art collective and a decentralized autonomous organization.

Original DOGE NFT memes now broken up into 17 billion pieces

Now the decentralized organization plans to offer the DOGE NFT, which is divided into 16,969,696,969 ERC-20 tokens. Under the name $ DOG, the NFT tokens will be available from September 1 at 1:00 p.m. East Coast time. In a recent blog post, PleasrDAO spoke about the DOGE NFT meme and its plan to offer exposure through fractionalization. The blog states:

“Today PleasrDAO announces that the NFT has been fractionated into billions of pieces to share with the wider Internet community. With the help of, the original Doge NFT was split into billions of $ DOG ERC-20 tokens, giving everyone a piece of history. “

After the first auction on January 1st, the $ DOG factions will be exchanged for fractional. Art or via or Initially, only 20% percent of the fractional NFT meme will be available. This equates to $ 3,393,939,393 DOG of the total supply. Another 25 percent percent of the total DOG offering of $ 16,969,696,969 is earmarked for community programs and further development.

PleasrDAO summarized that the goal is to support the DOGE NFT meme in order to develop its full potential. The autonomous organization revealed its plans for a $ DOG development fun for projects focused on supporting the long-term community. PleasrDAO said it would be the primary provider of liquidity on exchanges.

Original Dogecoin NFT will be auctioned again

As the owner of at least a portion of the NFT meme, such a person has a say in the evaluation of the original NFT. The original DOGE-NFT will be auctioned again at a later date to be determined by the members of the PleasrDAO community.

The blog also says:

“PleasrDAO discussed many mechanisms to get all $ DOG into the hands of the community without this leading to price pressure. We will ensure The Doge NFT does not go up for auction until we feel that $ DOG has reached full meme escape speed and is connected to a strong, thriving community. ”

In another recent message, tennis pro Naomi Osaka revealed that the constant news about DOGE had sparked her interest in the cryptocurrency. DOGE is currently trading at $ 0.2793 and is up over 1% in the past 24 hours. Also, the token is up 17.37% in its 24-hour trading volume.

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