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Exclusive featurette for “A Quiet Place” with Emily Blunt + John Krasinski

Featurette for “A Quiet Place”
Nice scary! Emily Blunts + John Krasinski’s 1st film together

Hollywood couple Emily Blunt, 35, and John Krasinski, 38, stood together for the first time in the film “A Quiet Place”. Find out more about the gripping whisper thriller in the exclusive featurette.


In her latest film, Emily Blunt appears for the first time with her husband John Krasinski. And this premiere is right to fear

Emily Blunt, 35, and her husband John Krasinski, 38, made their first film together. But if you are thinking of a romantic comedy, you are on the wrong track. Rather, the couple shocked with a bloody thriller. Behind the gentle title “A Quiet Place” hides a captivating horror film that also frightened the main actress: “For me as a mother it was an absolute horror.”

Emily Blunt and John Krasinksi play a family

In the thriller, Blunt and Krasinksi play a family with young children who are on the run from something evil. You can only protect yourself against this with a certain behavior: complete silence. The slightest sound can result in persecution or even death. The hunters, which you don’t get to see as a whole, react to every sound, every rustle and every breath.

A Quiet Place: Whisper Thriller

The fact that Blunt was able to empathize particularly well with the family history with small children is not only due to her familiarization with the role, but also to her real life. She and her husband are the proud parents of the girls Violet, 1, and Hazel, 4. The 35-year-old is therefore very familiar with a life with small children.

“The film is so incredibly exciting because the idea scares you”

is the summary of the Golden Globe winner. The film owes much of this tension to Krasinski: The 38-year-old not only acted as the main actor in the horror flick, but also as a director.

“A Quiet Place” can be seen in German cinemas from April 12, 2018.

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