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Christian Bale: New role in Thriller

The two already worked together on the films ‘Eye for Eye’ from (2013) and ‘Feinde -Hostiles’ from (2017). The plot of ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ revolves around an attempt to solve a series of murders that occurred at the US Military Academy in West Point in 1830. Bale will play a veteran detective investigating the murders with the help of a detail-minded young cadet who would later become a world-famous writer: Edgar Allan Poe. Scott told Deadline: “Even though Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston and died delirious in Baltimore, he spent most of his life in Virginia, my home state. So I grew up around him. He gave us the detective- Genre bequeathed it, and it’s still so present in our culture, every horror, mystery, and science fiction writer is indebted to Poe. ” The 50-year-old filmmaker adds, “I’ve wanted to make this film for over a decade, and luckily Christian grew perfectly into the main character. He was way too young when I first thought about making this film . Films are there to be made at the right time. Christian is always in great demand, but being able to do this with him is a great pleasure for me. ”

Christian and Scott produce with John Lesher and Tyler Thompson. Filming is scheduled to begin this year.

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