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Star recognized? 10 Awesome Movie Makeup Transformations

Updated: 08/30/2021 – 8:47 PM

Hardly recognizable anymore
Before-After: 10 Awesome Movie Makeup Transformations

Karen sees Gillan in her role as "Nebula" completely changed from.

Photo by: IMAGO / Future Image; Everett Collection

Karen Gillan looks completely different in her role as “Nebula”.

Do you know what the famous Lord Voldemord looks like without all his makeup? We introduce you to actors who have undergone quite a transformation for their roles.

Nowadays, actors like to use modern editing programs to change their appearance – with just a few clicks, people can be transformed into animals, monsters and mythical creatures. But some productions continue to rely on the skills of make-up artists – and they have a lot to offer. We show you 10 actors who are barely recognizable in their film roles.

Film transformations: This is what actors look like with and without make-up

Blue skin, a noseless face or curly green hair: actors: inside have to change a lot for some film roles. In order to give monsters, mythical creatures and the like a realistic look, make-up artists have to put a lot of effort inside. They really demonstrated their skills in these film roles:

These changes are really impressive! The make-up artists have managed to make the actors hard to recognize in their roles. It was particularly challenging here that the make-up must always be exactly the same as the day before – if the skin tone is too light or if the scar is a little too far to the left, this is immediately noticeable on the canvas!

But the actors too: inside deserve respect: Can you imagine being painted on every day and then sweating for hours under a layer of silicone? That really shows full physical effort.

This actor has also undergone a major change: Mark Wahlberg has given himself so much weight for a role.

Some roles present real challenges and force you to do things that you probably wouldn’t do in normal life. “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams even went blank for his Broadway debut.

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