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Solana cracks the 100 euro mark

On Monday, the token of the proof-of-stake network Solana still experienced an upswing despite corrections in the crypto market (Trending Topics reported). On Tuesday (August 31st) the currency appears to be unstoppable. Solana has gained a whopping 20 percent in value in the past 24 hours. In the past seven days, that means growth of 50 percent. The value is now 100 euros with a capitalization of 28.6 billion euros. The rest of the crypto market is partially recovering.

The Solana chart for the past 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Solana chart for the past 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin has again posted a minus of two percent. The price is only just under 40,000 euros and the capitalization is 747 billion euros. Ethereum, on the other hand, recorded a plus of two percent, which increases the price to 2,784 euros. Here the capitalization is 320 billion euros. The situation for Polkadot also looks good. The currency has gained almost eight percent in the past 24 hours. This puts the price at 23 euros with a capitalization of 22.3 billion euros.

Significant corrections on the market – but Solana is still on the upswing

There is also growth at Uniswap and Terra. Uniswap has achieved a plus of three percent to the price of 23 euros, the capitalization is 13.7 billion euros. After a plus of around two percent, Terra’s price is EUR 28.5 with a capitalization of EUR 11.3 billion. There are still slight corrections in the other top currencies. The capitalization on the total market is 1.74 trillion euros.

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The Viennese crypto startup Coinpanion has raised 1.8 million euros in a seed financing round. The money comes from Florian Gschwandtner, Hansi Hansmann and the High Tech Gründerfonds and is intended to drive the further growth of the company founded in 2019. With Coinpanion, users transfer either their crypto assets or euros to the service, and these are then invested in crypto currencies according to the rules of an algorithm. Customers can choose whether they prefer to invest conservatively or risky (Trending Topics reported).

Coinpanion: Hansmann and Runtastic founders join the Viennese crypto startup could go public in 2023

The crypto wallet provider could complete its IPO in 2023. In an interview with Forbes, CFO Macrina Kgil said the London-based firm could go public within the next 18 months. only raised $ 300 million in a funding round in March. According to Kgil, the platform has now reached $ 1 trillion in transactions.

US Securities and Exchange Commission considers banning Payment for Order Flow

The US Securities and Exchange Commission could soon ban a certain type of securities trading: the so-called “Payment for Order Flow”. This is a form of share trading in which brokers forward their customers’ orders to larger trading houses, from which they then receive money in return. According to Barron’s, the SEC sees conflicts of interest because trading companies are the first to know about supply and demand. Among other things, the fintech Robinhood offers Payment for Order Flow.

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