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“Legion” season 4: will the superhero series continue?

“Legion” shows David Heller, who suffers from schizophrenia. Or is he a superhero after all? We’ll tell you if the series will continue into Season 4.

“Legion” has a very special place in the superhero genre. The series is based on a Marvel Comics series and takes place in the “X-Men” universe, but was produced for the American TV broadcaster FX in cooperation with Marvel Television. Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”) stars as David Haller, a man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at an early age. But it soon turns out that schizophrenia is just an expression of his special abilities and that David could be one of the most powerful mutants. We tell you how likely a season 4 of the comic book adaptation “Legion” is.

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“Legion” season 4: could there be another season?

The series creator of “Legion” Noah Hawley is no stranger to the television landscape. In addition to several books, he has also written for the series “Fargo” and “Bones” and provided the script for the Natalie Portman film “Lucy in the Sky”. Still, “Legion” is one of his most unusual projects.

The series claims to be true to the comic strip. And that also means that the story of a powerful mutant with almost unlimited telekinetic abilities is difficult to pigeonhole. “Legion” is complex, sometimes psychedelic and full of bizarre threads. With this, the series has earned a loyal fan base, but was never top of the quota. It is therefore not surprising that no sequel is currently planned after the end of the third season in 2019.

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“Legion” Season 4: That’s why there will probably be no sequel

There are two clear arguments why Legion is unlikely to get a fourth season. The first reason is the plot of the first three seasons, which is structured almost like a movie: the first season introduces the characters, the second season is the centerpiece as well as the action middle part and the third season closes the story of the heroes . And it is also this degree that barely allows a fourth season. The story is over and the characters have received a satisfactory conclusion.

The second argument against a fourth season is the new mothership of the series: Disney. All three seasons of “Legion” can currently be seen on Disney + in the stream. This is only possible because Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019, shortly after Legion ended. If you look at the marketing of the more recent mutant adaptations, it suggests that Disney is currently more interested in completing all projects and initiating its own interpretations.

Because even if Marvel is breaking new ground with its MCU in phase 4, the strange and bizarre hero David Haller does not fit into the planned formats and the existing Marvel universe. So it’s not that farfetched that Disney deliberately completed series like “Legion” in order to unify its Marvel universe. Maybe there will be a reunion with David Haller in another MCU film in the future.

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