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“Hypocritical”: Britney Spears criticizes the BBC and the New York Times

“You criticize the media and then do the exact same thing ?????” asks Britney Spears on her Instagram account in the direction of highly regarded TV stations. She means primarily the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” produced by the “New York Times” and shown in February on the American streaming service Hulu, a joint venture between NBC and Disney / ABC. In the 75-minute program, the author Samantha Stark took the gossip press to court, accusing social reporters of “hunting zeal” for the scandal-ridden pop icon. A million tweets in a matter of days showed just how much the film kept the public busy. Pop colleague Justin Timberlake publicly apologized for the “inappropriateness” of his ex-girlfriend.

Britney Spears herself was not involved in the documentary in any way, but tweeted after it aired, “Everyone has their own story and their perspective on each other’s stories. We all have such different, great, beautiful lives. Remember, whatever you think you know about the life of others, it is nothing compared to the actual person behind the camera lens. ” Spears later claimed the documentary made her so angry that she just “cried” for two weeks. However, she danced to the song “Crazy” by Aerosmith.

Meanwhile, director Samantha Stark has reiterated her media criticism to the specialist portal “Deadline”: “Britney Spears was not taken seriously for a long time, was ridiculed, as the coverage of her life proves. I was worried whether people would continue to talk about making fun of them, but it was really, really amazing to see people catch up on what we were about. “

“I’m honestly confused”

Last Saturday the British BBC followed up and broadcast Mobeen Azhar’s documentary “The Battle for Britney”, also with a media-critical attitude. It also featured a makeup artist who claimed to be a confidante of Spears, but the singer now wrote that she was “honestly confused” because she had not spoken to the man at all. Incidentally, Spears regretted that another documentary dealt with the “worst and nightmarish times” of her life: “I’m so happy to remind you that even if I’ve had some lousy days in my life, it is much more There have been great times and, unfortunately, my friends, I believe the world is more interested in the negative. ” Spears was also not involved in the BBC broadcast.

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