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Hollywood stars are selling their villas – and not just because of the pandemic

The first signs were already in 2020, and now the boom has taken off. The US has never sold so many luxury homes since the 2008 financial crisis. Many providers have well-known names, such as Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer (63), who obviously doesn’t care about her pool and has just sold her villa with a large bathing area for 25 million US dollars.

For some celebrities, the reason for selling is obvious. You have a new partner and want to move in with him like Pfeiffer’s colleague Jennifer Lopez (52), who is looking at villas with her old and new friend Ben Affleck (49). To do this, it needs liquid funds. However, she has not yet got rid of her New York penthouse.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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