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First teaser trailer for “Sweet Tooth” · KINO.de

The Iron Man star changes comic pages to tell a popular and wacky story for Netflix, as the first preview of “Sweet Tooth” proves.

Poster Sweet Tooth Season 1

Robert Downey Jr. We all know of course as Tony Stark / Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). For his latest project, however, Downey Jr. moved behind the camera and joined Marvel competitor DC. Because the MCU star has worked as an executive producer together with his wife Susan Downey (“The Fantastic Journey of Dr. Dolittle”) the upcoming Netflix series “Sweet Tooth” to answer for. The first impressive trailer shows what you can expect:

The incredible life path of Dwayne Johnson

“Sweet Tooth” is based on the DC comic of the same name, which is very popular (you can buy it here on Amazon). History throws us into the apocalypse, because an enigmatic plague swept humanity away. But it didn’t stop there: Babies were suddenly born as human-animal hybrids at the same time!

You can get the entire program from Netflix, Disney + and more bundled at Sky Q

“Sweet Tooth” is soon to be launched on Netflix

This also applies to Gus, who is half a stag, including antlers. Gus is actually a kind-hearted boy with a weakness for sweets, hence the title “Sweet Tooth”. But just like the other hybrids, Gus is relentlessly hunted by the “normal” people.

He receives unexpected help from a brutal loner who rescues Gus and wants to bring him to one of the reservations that are supposedly a safe haven for hybrids. But with that begins an unbelievable journey for Gus and his companion through the apocalypse bursting with danger.

Fortunately, anyone who is impressed by this approach, the positive reactions to the comic book and the involvement of Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t need to wait long: All episodes of the first season of “Sweet Tooth” start on June 4, 2021 at Netflix.

Have you already watched Netflix? Then you shouldn’t have any problems with this quiz … or should it?

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