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Amazon Is Ready To Pay Over $200 Million For Chris Pratt’s New Film

Chris Pratt is Amazon Prime’s new obsession. The sudden change in the film industry has sparked a war on streaming platforms. Who gets the films in his program that were actually expected on the big screen? Now “The Tomorrow War”, the new film by Chris Pratt, has become the object of desire on Amazon Prime. It seems that those in charge are ready to pay millions to get the film out. (Also read: Streaming highlights: We are looking forward to these 8 series hits in 2021)

It has been reported by Variety that the Paramount film – originally slated for July 23 as part of the summer blockbusters – is slated to be the focus of a deal that could reach up to $ 200 million. However, the deal itself and its respective terms have not yet been finalized. Allegedly, the platform operators expect the film project to exceed all expectations. “The film was for sale to streamers and attracted attention because of its strong cast, among other things. Every major service – including Apple and Netflix – saw it. Many were impressed with the film and thought it had commercial potential. ”

Directed by Chris McKay, the film follows a soldier who must embark on a future war. However, it all depends on whether he can come to terms with his own past. While the plot sounds simple, the million-dollar offer also seems to come about through the presence of Chris Pratt. Pratt is something like an icon of mega-production like “Jurassic World”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” or LEGO films, which he lent his voice to. (Also interesting: These are the 25 best Amazon Prime series according to critics – you should have seen them)

“The Tomorrow War” was one of the films Pratt was slated to appear in this summer that has not yet been released. “Jurassic World: Dominion” has also been postponed several times due to the coronavirus, which has put the so-called summer blockbuster season in its place.

The film is part of an ambitious attempt by Amazon Prime to bring premieres to its platform that could also land on other streaming giants such as Netflix or Apple and that were on an extensive calendar of film releases. Amazon bought titles like the film adaptation of “Borat” and Michael B. Jordan’s “Without Remorse”. Before Warner Bros. announced its strategy of hybrid releases in the few theaters and its HBO Max platform, it was rumored that other major productions like “Godzilla vs. Kong” would be for sale. It has also been speculated that the latest James Bond film could also be the subject of similar negotiations.

In addition to the battle for audience numbers, the acquisition of tapes by streaming titans is also an opportunity for studios and production houses to cushion the millions in losses that result from not being released in theaters.




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