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Tiger King | After Nicolas Cage: Now ER plays Joe Exotic

Not only Nicolas Cage slips into the role of Joe Exotic – now the leading actor for the next “Tiger King” series has been found.

In March 2020, “Tiger King”, or “Big Cats and Their Predators” in Germany, became an unusual hit for Netflix. The documentary about two big cat owners in the USA was actually too absurd to be true. The two opponents Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin will continue to enrich pop culture in the future.

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Because in addition to an Amazon Prime series in which Nicolas Cage Exotic will play, another show is in development. It had long been clear that Kate McKinnon would take on the role of Carol Baskin in the NBC production.

Now it is also clear what she is facing: John Cameron Mitchell will play Joe Exotic. Mitchell played Felix Staples in the series “The Good Fight” and from the lead role in the Broadway film “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

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When exactly the series will appear is still unclear. It is also not yet clear how it will be available in Germany. We are definitely curious to see if the show can add something new to the “Tiger King” myth.



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