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This marriage wasn’t just missing fingertips

HHollywood star Johnny Depp has done himself a disservice by suing British newspaper publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN). Even at the start of the trial on Tuesday, the actor offered little glamorous insights into the failed marriage with Amber Heard. After allegations by the Texan that Depp had repeatedly mistreated her during the 15 months she was married, the “Sun” and its editor-in-chief Dan Wootton insulted him as a “woman bully”. In addition, the paper referred to “overwhelming evidence” for the alleged attacks. “Miss Heard told the whole world that she was afraid for her life and that I was a monster. But that does not correspond to the facts, ”Depp contradicted now before the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The Golden Globe winner, known from films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Tourist”, met Heard in 2011 while filming the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel “The Rum Diary”. After the wedding on his private island Little Hall’s Pond Cay in early 2015, the couple surprised fans with the separation in May 2016. In an application for an injunction, Heard stated at the time that Depp had repeatedly abused her “verbally and physically” while being intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. After a war of the roses over maintenance claims, a California court pronounced divorce in January 2017. The beginning of the end, Depp now brought before the court, but began earlier. “Miss Heard or one of her friends relieved herself in our bed,” he recalled in spring 2016. After the alleged prank, he decided to get a divorce.

The “Sun” resurrected the turbulent separation a good two years ago: After Depp’s part was announced in the film adaptation of Joanne K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Can Be Found”, the paper recalled #MeToo and the actor’s supposed past as “Wife beater”. “Mr. Depp is not a woman beater and never was. Miss Heard made up all of the stories, ”assured David Sherborne, the fifty-seven year old’s lawyer. Previously, the lawyer had played the recording of a dispute to the trial participants, who were distributed to different halls of the courthouse because of the corona pandemic. “You’re a bloody baby,” Heard accused her husband at the time. Attorney Sherborne also submitted a 2015 photo to the court. It showed Depp with his fingertip severed in a hospital bed. He said he lost the body part when Heard, now 34 years old, threw a vodka bottle at him.

The second day of the trial was about the tattoo “Winona forever”, which Depp had made during his relationship with actress Winona Ryder. After the separation, he shortened the arm tattoo to “Wino forever” – Wino is a slang word for alcoholics. Heard had made fun of that. Depp denied that he then hit her. But he admitted that he had drunk heavily during that time. He couldn’t remember any drug use.

Depp’s former girlfriends Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder are expected in London over the next three weeks of the trial. Both of them repeatedly stated that they had never been ill-treated by the actor. “Even before my fourteenth birthday I used every imaginable intoxicant,” admitted Depp. “But it’s part of my moral code never to hit a woman.”

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