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The corona belly has to go: Will Smith declares war on the kilos

The corona belly has to go
Will Smith declares war on the kilos

Will Smith recently presented his corona pounds that he had accumulated over the months on social media. He resolves to get back in shape. The training is showing initial success, as he has now revealed in a new video. The women in the family prefer to beautify their bodies in other ways.

Little exercise, good food and one or the other alcoholic drink have left their mark on many a hip in the course of the pandemic, which has now been going on for over a year. During this time, not everyone got their weaker self under control in order to move the sport that is otherwise regularly done in the gym to their own four walls, where the refrigerator and sofa are so close.

But not only average consumers are now recording a few kilograms more on their ribs than before Corona. Hollywood stars are also struggling with obesity, such as Will Smith. But he has now started the fight against his corona tummy.

A few weeks ago, Smith posted a photo on Instagram from his garden. He stood there in shorts and slippers, and thanks to an open training jacket, he revealed the pounds he had lost. He also wrote that he had never been in such bad physical shape. Numerous fans and colleagues took this as an opportunity to stage their own bacon rolls in a very similar way. But instead of being satisfied that he was not alone with this problem, 52-year-old Smith tackled it.

A tattoo for the ladies

He also shared his efforts on Instagram, and he can already record his first successes, the waist size has visibly shrunk. The cut from several videos shows the Hollywood star doing a full body workout. He had previously promised “to get into the best shape of his life and get his health and wellness back on the chain”.

While Will Smith struggles in the gym, his family sits in the tattoo parlor. Wife Jada, daughter Willow and grandma Adrienne got a three-generation tattoo. Probably also in reference to their joint Facebook show “Red Table Talk”, with which the three women celebrate successes.

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