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Super stars in Venice at Dolce & Gabbana – with Leni – Fashion and Beauty

At a three-day event, Dolce & Gabbana presented the Alta Moda collection – including a star lineup on and next to the catwalk.

Even Venice has never seen anything like it in its 1,600 years: on the famous St. For three whole days, the Italian fashion house celebrated its new Alta Moda collection, including an international star lineup – on and next to the catwalk.

For example, calibers like Jennifer Lopez, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, Kitty Spencer and “Today” editor Eva Dichand traveled specially by gondola. But the high level of tailoring on the bodies of the new generation of models also came to the venerable St. Mark’s Square via the Lido.

Murano glass and St. Mark’s Square on tulle

The main focus of this Alta Moda collection was of course on the craftsmanship and culture of Venice. The dressoscopic pattern of Murano glass and the typical pattern on the floor of St. Mark’s Square were embroidered on georgette and tulle. Cloaks, knotted ropes and lots of sequins were reminiscent of the Lion of St. Mark, which spreads its wings protectively over the city. But also the typical gondola and the carnival masks could not be missing.

"today"-Editor Dr.  Eva Dichand in Venice.
“Today” editor Dr. Eva Dichand in Venice.Private

This unbelievable spectacle could not be interrupted by the downpour, which broke over the illustrious fashion crowd at the very moment when Leni Klum walked down the catwalk and did her mother credit. But as if this moment had been planned and part of the show, shortly afterwards a rainbow in its most beautiful colors appeared over the roof of the Doge’s Palace.

Now the kids are taking over

Not only Heidi Klum sat in the audience with a swollen chest, but also the daughters of Sean Combs (Jessie James and D’Lila Star), the offspring of Monica Bellucci (Deva Cassel) and the daughter of Christian Bale (Emmeline) presented the high level of tailoring to the background music by Jennifer Hudson.

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