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Riddick 4: Vin Diesel confirms plans for another part of the series

In the course of the theatrical release of Fast & Furious 9 Vin Diesel is currently on a worldwide promotional tour. On these, actors are often asked about other projects. In an interview with Gamesradar, for example, the question of another sequel to the Riddick series came up, with Diesel having good news for fans.

According to the performer, there is actually another part in development. The implementation now seems to be primarily a question of time.

“David Twohy wrote a great script. Now it’s all about finding the right time to make the film. I think we’re shooting in Australia. It’s the fourth chapter in the series, which would be great.”

Twohy has been responsible for all three of Riddick’s previous appearances, and he always co-wrote the script for the respective film. The last time the taciturn warrior was in Riddick: Survival is his revenge seen in cinemas in 2013.

When there is the next adventure, it will mainly depend on Vin Diesel’s schedule. This will soon be devoted to the two-part finale of the Fast & Furious series, among other things, so that the shooting of Riddick 4 is unlikely to be expected before 2022.

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