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No Oscar for Adam Sandler? Then he just makes garbage again

Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler in the upcoming Halloween comedy “Hubie Halloween”.


Anyone who hears Adam Sandler thinks of lame comedies. But in “Uncut Gems” he delivered a brilliant performance. And he threatened: If there is no Oscar nomination for it, he will make an extra-lousy film. Well, the time has come.

Adam Sandler lives the dream, the real Hollywood dream. For decades he has been making one comedy after another and making a living from it. Sure: Many other actors do the same thing, but Sandler is completely detached from directors, scriptwriters, film studios, everything.

If he has an idea, he also implements it. He’s not interested in good or bad, he just wants – and he said it himself – to simply let off steam with his friends in front of the camera. And these friends, dear friends, they are not from bad parents.

When he started out in the stand-up comedy scene, he saved quite a few cell phone numbers in his phone. His best buddies include: Jennifer Aniston, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Julie Bowen, and since he regularly plays basketball, one or the other ex-NBA star comes to throw a few baskets – Shaquille O, for example ‘Neal, the benevolent giant.

He can, but doesn’t want to

Very seldom – so really seldom – Sandler allows himself to be carried away to a “serious” film, which, for once, he does not produce with his own company Happy Madison. “Punch Drunk Love” (2002) and “Uncut Gems” (2019) are films in which the kind-hearted Adam shows that he can actually be a damn good actor.

Does he have something to prove to someone?

Maybe a little bit. Critics don’t like Sandler’s comedies and regularly question his raison d’etre, so he has to silence them – with strong character portrayals, once or twice every 20 years.

At the beginning of October the film that he threatened us awaits us. Sandler wanted an Oscar nomination for “Uncut Gems”, but didn’t get it. “If I don’t get an Oscar for the role, then I’ll make a movie that is deliberately really bad,” joked Sandler on talk show host Howard Stern.

The result is “Hubie Halloween” (Netflix launch on October 7th). A suitable strip for the time of year, in which a child-like speaking and mustache-wearing sandler takes care of his neighborhood. He plays the security guard Hubie, who keeps his quarters tidy during the Halloween season. Towards the end of the trailer, the film even seems to turn into a kind of horror comedy. Sandler in his element and – who would have thought – surrounded by his friends.

Even a Sandler hater has to admit: the guy is enviable.

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