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Kate Winslet on her LGBTQ film “Ammonite”

Kate Winslet (45) is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. But the Hollywood star doesn’t know much about technology. At the beginning of the Skype interview, her assistant has to help her with sound problems. After all, she has to deactivate her camera completely. A disgrace that she easily cushions with a slogan: “You’re probably fed up with seeing my face anyway.” On the contrary: In “Ammonite” Winslet shows once again why she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. In an interview with Blick, the Englishwoman explains why the role was one of the greatest challenges of her career.

What is it like to publish a film in times of Corona?
Winslet: It feels weird. Usually there is a lot of hype beforehand. You talk to journalists, meet fans and go to premieres. There you can usually feel whether the film is well received or not. At the moment I have to rely on the opinion of friends who have already seen «Ammonite». They reacted positively, but they are also my friends. You have to say you like him.



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