Kate Winslet has now contracted out against Photoshop. With this, the actress sets an important example in terms of the ideal of beauty.

The 45-year-old wants to be a role model for younger women.

Kate Winslet has a contract to protect herself against photo editing

To prevent her photos from being edited with Photoshop and wrinkles removed or her body changed, actress Kate Winselt has now secured a contract. She wanted to be a role model for younger women, emphasized the 45-year-old in an interview with the news portal “T-Online”. “I think we more mature women are responsible for the younger ones”, so Winselt.

“This generation needs strong role models”

It is important to her to be “real and honest” for the younger generation, because they need strong role models, the actress said in an interview. That’s why you always protect yourself against retouched photos. Winselt even insists that her photos will not be edited in writing. Neither your face nor your body may therefore be changed, i.e. no wrinkles, spots or dents may be removed. She also wants to let young women know that most of the photos have been retouched. “Nobody looks that perfect – not even a Hollywood star,” said the actress.