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Gay surfer is authentic

The OnlyFans platform provides space for the LGBTI * community. Content creators can upload content there and live out their sexuality freely. A gay surfer has now created his own page in this community. It’s about Nick Vallejo, who questioned himself a lot after his outing. It was only slowly that he developed self-confidence and enjoyed the support of his family.

Show yourself authentically on OnlyFans

Last month, the athlete started his section on OnlyFans. It is good for him to be able to show himself. Vallejo does not rule out finding the man of his life via the platform. He didn’t feel sexy enough at first, but on OnlyFans he could appear authentically. Like the site’s founder, the LGBTI * community helped him accept himself. reported in March 2021 about the creation of OnylFans by Wheeler.

The worries about Vallejo’s coming out

Before coming out, Vallejo led a double life. He was afraid that becoming aware of his homosexuality would lead to disapproval from the family. Swimming was his passion at the time, but he developed the feeling that he didn’t belong in the swimming pool and quit his sport. Outing followed in 2017, Outsports reported. Meanwhile, Vallejo has had a long journey and feels much more comfortable with OnlyFans. The community for LGBTI * strengthens their self-confidence.

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