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Trailer and start date for the Halloween comedy with Adam Sandler

Source: Netflix

The comedian found himself in the list of the 20 highest paid actors in the world for 2020 published last month Adam Sandler ranked 9th with $ 41 million. While many actors on the Forbes-List come and go, depending on their respective projects in the evaluation year, Jackie Chan and Sandler have been reliably in the top 10 for years, although most of you have probably not seen a big screen in a long time. How come

While Chan’s money comes mainly from working in China, where he’s been one of the most sought-after actors ever since he largely stopped filming in Hollywood, Sandler has made his fortune in recent years Netflix Thanks to. Netflix has six of the ten actors on the Forbes-List funded this year, but none of them have benefited from the streamer as long and as much as Sandler. Sandler’s recent theatrical films didn’t quite match his earlier box office hits, but that didn’t mean he lost his fans. Rather, posed Netflix established that his fans prefer to watch the films on the couch at home and unceremoniously signed the actor for four films in 2015, which he would also produce. Since then, the contract has already been renewed twice for four more films each time, so when all is said and done, Sandler has at least twelve films for Netflix will have turned.

So far this deal has only been half fulfilled and on October 7th starts up Netflix Sandler’s sixth film for the streamer, Hubie Halloween, a horror comedy co-written by Sandler starring Hubie Dubois, a weird but lovable bird from the infamous town of Salem, Massachusetts who is obsessed with Halloween celebrations. For the other residents of the city, however, he is a figure of joke and is not taken seriously when he makes people disappear. Hubie must try to convince the police and Salem residents that monsters are real and that he can stop them.

The trailer and the movie poster too Hubie Halloween can be found below.

Hubie Halloween Trailer & PosterSandler’s success at Netflix speaks for itself. The crime comedy Murder mystery became one of the most watched last year NetflixFilms at all. But when I watch the trailer Hubie Halloween look at myself, I ask myself: does someone find something really funny?

As always, Sandler surrounds himself in the film with numerous cast members from his many comedies, such as Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi and Maya Rudolph. “Modern Family”-Star Julie Bowen, Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”), Ray Liotta (“Shades of Blue”), Noah Schnapp (“Stranger Things”), June Squibb (Nebraska) and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal also play along. Also in the director’s chair was someone with whom Sandler has worked many times: Steven Brill directed the production Mr. Deeds and Little Nicky with Sandler as well as his NetflixFilms The do-over and Sandy Wexler.

He recently showed in The black diamond (OT: Uncut Gems). When he was denied the Oscar nomination for this, he threatened to make a particularly bad film as revenge in the near future. He didn’t mean the one that was already wacky at the time Hubie Halloweenso that we can still be prepared for something. There are at least six more films of his to come Netflix-Contract.



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