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There has never been so much bare skin with the American “super talent”! That even knocks Heidi Klum …

The comedy duo “Le Beaux Freres” also caused astonishment and laughter from Heidi Klum (“Germanys Next Top Model”). Photos: Youtube / America’s got Talent

The German edition of the talent show “Das Supertalent” always brings out special performances – in America, the TV format “America’s got Talent” is celebrated in a much more emotional and spectacular way. An artist duo was now visiting, which really shocked the judges and the audience in the TV theater. Because: So much bare skin was rarely seen on the show!

The two circus artists from the duo “Les Beaux Frères” wore no pants, no tops, apparently not even underwear during their highly interesting stage show – the stage clowns only had white towels in their luggage. That sounds simple, but what they did with it on the boards in front of the jury (Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara), even the experienced casting jurors had apparently not yet seen.

In their “Super Talent” show they let go of the covers

Before the show they introduced themselves as Yohann Trépanier and Raphaël Dubé. They come from Canada and completed their training at the National Circus School in Montréal and the Circus School of Québec. In the course of their careers they have already appeared in the world-famous “Cirque du Soleil”. “The Beaux Frères share their passion, their human side and their desire to have fun,” says the circus duo’s website. And that’s what they did with America’s got Talent!

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Because: For the world-famous “Hungarian Dance” by Johannes Brahms, they do gymnastics completely naked across the stage, always holding a towel in front of the crucial points. They turn around each other, toss their towels in the air, back and forth – and still manage to make sure that not a single part of their best pieces are seen during the wild act.

The video shows the crazy performance by the American “super talent”.

Video: Youtube

A lot of fun, especially for Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara – the two women cheer with joy several times. Only at the Emde does it get critical when Yohann tears the towel from his partner Raphaël. Suddenly crucial areas have to be covered with an “America’s got Talent” logo.

The audience rewarded the performance with a standing ovation – and presenter Terry Crews, who stood in the side stage during the performance, had to admit: “I saw everything!” The jury did not, but the judges were still enthusiastic. “I love it, it’s funny – and I want you guys to keep going,” says Howie Mandel. And Heidi Klum says: “I love it, that’s my sense of humor! And my boys at home laugh about it! ”Four times there was a“ yes ”from the jurors – the two weird towel artists make it to the next round. So it will be interesting to see whether they will drop their covers again at the next gig …



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