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The Black Adam agony was worth it

The Black Adam shoot is almost done. For the DC blockbuster about the dark antihero and Shazam opponent, actor Dwayne Johnson has mercilessly steeled his body. Peak of pain was previously the dehydration for a topless scene in Black Adam, the preparation of which caused The Rock visibly agony. Now he presents the result – and that is really impressive.

Dwayne Johnson ends the worst period of his career with the Black Adam scene

Because the shot that Johnson is now showing on Instagram is nothing more than the monumental proof of his willpower: A larger than life superhero body, the muscles of which seem to almost squeeze the viewer out of the picture.

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“About to do a really cool and innovative Black Adam scene”, writes The Rock and immediately emphasizes, what importance the moment has in his career:

The training and nutrition plan were ruthless. The toughest of my career as I had to keep this look for months and peak in the last week. But our goal is just to raise the bar for Black Adam. To give you the antihero you deserve.

What happens in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam picture?

In order to be able to use Johnson’s preparation optimally for this purpose, the Black Adam team does not only rely on his imposing stature. In the picture, a make-up specialist is applying markings to The Rock’s body using visual computer effects – for example Dirt, wounds, or explosions – can be provided. Johnson explains:

The Black Adam preparation pushed even Johnson to his limits

My make-up artist Björn Rehbein paints small white dots on my body in order to be able to calculate the movement of the muscle fibers when Black Adam wants to destroy his enemies in a frenzy.

Dwayne Johnson’s DC trials for Black Adam pay off

So it seems like the whole DC cracker team wants to get the most out of The Rocks ordeal. That makes sense, after all, Dwayne Johnson saves the Marvel competition with his muscles.

And even if his facial expressions are tense and he seems tired from the exertion: the transformation of his body into the Black Adam-Muckiberg is unprecedented, as the picture shows. At the latest by Theatrical release on July 28, 2022 The Rock might actually change the DC Universe – muscle by muscle.

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What do you think of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam body?

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