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Prisoners of the Ghostland – craziest Nicolas Cage film in years: trailer!

In his native Japan, scandalous director Sion Sono has made films such as Day already brought to a certain fame. They all pale against his English-language debut, however Prisoners of the Ghostland, in which it should be so wild that hearing and seeing pass us by.

“And that means something,” says the filmmaker, who has a particular preference for splatter and macabre horror scenarios. And where madness and peculiarities press the handle, Nicolas Cage is not far away recently.

He plays in the action-horror end-time mix alongside Sofia Boutella (mummy, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Atomic blond), Ed Skrein (Deadpool), Bill Moseley (3 from Hell), Young Dais (The Outsider) and Tak Sakaguchi (Re: Born) a notorious felon who is sent into the ghost dimension, the ghostland, to rescue a kidnapped girl from the clutches of dark forces and to break the curse on her.

Crazy, crazy, Nicolas Cage

To do this, however, they have to escape from the murderous Ghostlands, which is considered to be next to impossible. Anyone in their right mind would probably avoid this assignment. However, Cage’s figure drives another motivation:

“The story is totally crazy,” says Cage – and he knows his way around crazy, absurd roles that other actors wouldn’t even touch with a pair of pincers! And that’s not all:

“I’m wearing a black leather jumpsuit with grenades all over my body. If I don’t save the governor’s daughter in time and bring her back to the spirit world state line, they’ll just blow me up. “

Even his soft tissues are not spared! So the premise could well be from the latest The Suicide Squad where ticking time bombs are implanted in the necks of the antiheroes to make them compliant. This is where the similarities stop.

Even wilder than Sonos’ earlier works? © RLJE Films

Systematic madness

Sion Sonos Prisoners of the Ghostland presents itself as a motley, completely absurd mixture of westerns, historical films, martial arts spectacle à la Kill Bill and end time adventures like Mad Max. At first glance, they don’t really fit together, but all in all they are irresistible and another notch in Nicolas Cage’s long list of idiosyncratic creations that defy description.

That could go completely wrong for the US launch on September 17th, but it could also turn into the exact opposite. In any case, the success proves the former action star right.

Since he had idiosyncratic genre food like the psychedelic thriller Mandy, the critically acclaimed revenge drama Pig or the HP Lovecraft film adaptation Color out of space by Richard Stanley for himself, his career is on the upswing again.

Even in the cinema, the former action hero is out hits like Con Air or Face / Off – In the body of the enemy To be found again in 2021, plays in the meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent from Lionsgate Films (of course!) himself.

She has to save Nicolas Cage. © RLJE Films

Written on 08/11/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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