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OnlyFans: Emma Martin from the USA earns thousands of euros every month with fart | Life & Knowledge

Each bean gives a little note – and every note evidently REAL COAL!

At least for Emma Martin. The 48-year-old makes $ 4,000 a month from farting. That’s almost 3500 euros.

The American offers her bizarre services on the Internet, of course, on the OnlyFans platform. On the website, users can upload their mostly adult content, for which followers then pay money. In Emma Martin’s case, that’s more than 300 people who send her at least $ 4.99 a month. The woman from the 70,000-inhabitant city of Rock Hill (South Carolina) makes more money with livestreams and Pups videos on customer request.

Secret weapon: cabbage with beans This woman earns thousands of euros from farting

Only her husband knows about her work in the family (“He’s not into farts at all”). The two children are completely clueless. That should have changed in the meantime, because several international magazines have reported on the strange fetish.

In order to fart better, the 48-year-old has even changed her diet. She told the internet portal “I eat a lot of avocados, asparagus and lettuce. And I like to eat Mexican food. ”The secret weapon for regular intestinal binders, however, are beans and cabbage!

The American has only been with OnlyFans since the beginning of 2021. Emma Martin has been recording videos that she shows while farting since 1999. At that time she was still working in a travel agency. To this day, the Internet celebrity above all values ​​the gratitude of her fans. By the way, she only records clips when her husband and children are out of the house.

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