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Naming London stops after women

Emma Watson and the writer Reni Eddo-Lodge, who became famous with her book “Why I No Longer Talk to Whites About My Skin Color”, have launched a new project. The goal: All underground stations in London should get a new name – that of a woman or a non-binary person who shaped the history of the city. That’s why the writer Eddo-Lodge calls on Instagram to make suggestions for names: “If your local stop were named after a woman, what name would it be?”, She writes.

What if we lived in a city of women? This question, which the authors Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Shapiro already asked with a map of the New York subway system in 2019, also served as the inspiration for the new London map. Under the motto: “Help us make London a City of Women” (German: “Help us to make London a city of women”), the activists, together with Solnit and Jelly-Shapiro, have launched a call for London. In doing so, they not only brought historians, writers, curators and museums on board, but also asked in a public appeal who the Londoners would vote for themselves. In a picture, actress Emma Watson can be seen in front of an underground escalator in London.

Behind the map is also the question of how the experience of women is influenced by a predominantly male environment. “What kind of silence is created in places that so rarely speak of and to women?” Wrote Rebecca Solnit in 2019. Therefore, the organizers, in which the “Women of the World Foundation” participates, hope that they will have new names for everyone 270 stops on the London Underground will be found. At least the views on Twitter and Instagram have already generated enthusiastic feedback. Many women have already posted suggestions for names. According to information from the Guardian, the project will be published on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021.

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