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“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara: One bottom is 47, the other 27 – people

The double lottery was yesterday. Here come the double cheeks!

What an amazing view – so many trees! Well, the two bikini beauties who turn their backs to us here are also remarkable. But who is it? And who is who?

The celebrity lady who posted the photo with the lovely back views first is “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara (47). The beauty with Colombian roots is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, according to Forbes magazine. And: she obviously has a bottom double!

The TV icon with husband Joe Manganiello

The TV icon with husband Joe Manganiello Photo: Michael Kovac / Getty Images

She writes about the picture: “Old model from ’72 and new model from ’92”. In fact, there is a 20-year age difference between the two crack bums.

But who is the other lady who is in no way inferior to the exciting Hollywood beauty?

It’s Claudia Vergara (27), Sophia’s niece. She belongs to the actress’ “Inner Circle” and is therefore welcome to sunbathe in her aunt’s garden. Incidentally, the 27-year-old also posted the photo, albeit in black and white, and wrote: “Somehow the same and yet different.”

Sofia Vergara is spending the current curfew in her villa with her son Manolo (27), husband Joe Manganiello (43), little dog “Baguette” and niece Claudia. A real “modern family”!

Oh yes: which bottom belongs to whom? The two do not clarify that exactly. But the fans suspect that the left cheeks belong to Sofia, the right cheeks to Claudia, who is 20 years younger.

Just puzzle it out for yourself, because only one thing is clear: Sexiness runs in the family with these two!

Sofia’s chocolate sides

Cool niece: Claudia Vergara



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