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Mark Wahlberg: Totally changed with a new hairstyle

At this snapshot you have to look twice, no, three times to recognize the Hollywood star. Mark Wahlberg (49) has his hair off and presents himself and his shaved hair on Instagram. Unfortunately, there are no fan praises during this optical transformation.

Weight ping pong for his film projects

Mark Wahlberg is a master of transformation. But usually this fact relates to his body. The down-to-earth actor always shows absolute devotion to his roles and regularly takes on weight for his films. By the way, the “Ted” star wants to put on a total of 13 kilos for his latest film project. The stark before-and-after comparison can be seen here.

And there is also a surprising before-and-after result at Marks Haupt, as his current snapshot with the title “new look” shows. Unfortunately, the change doesn’t seem to go down well with his fans, as the comments show.

The fans prefer Mark’s fluffy mane

“You look terrible with that haircut” and “No, why? I loved your hair,” are the disappointed comments below the photo. In fact, because of his short, gray hair, Mark doesn’t look like the Hollywood handsome he actually is. Even the big grin can’t help. Fortunately, hair grows back again!

Family happiness in Beverly Hills

What does his wife Rhea Durham (42) say about the change? The two have been married to each other since 2009 and have four children. With their daughters Grace Margaret (10) and Ella Rae (17) and sons Brenden Joseph (12) and Michael (14), the couple lives in the Beverly Hills district of Los Angeles. (lkr)



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