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Kristen Stewart: Zickenzoff on the Twilight set?

Anna Kendrick unpacked in her biography about the time at Twilight. Kristen Stewart and Kellan Lutz didn’t make it easy for her!

Most people know Anna Kendrick for her role in Pitch Perfect. Most people have forgotten that she starred alongside Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Even though she starred in one of the most successful film series, which also made Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner famous overnight.

Kristen Stewart took off with Twilight and Anna Kendrick stayed afloat!

In her new biography Scrappy Little Nobody Anna Kendrick takes Kristen Stewart and Twilight to justice. And that’s not just because you don’t really remember her because of her inconspicuous role. This is why the actress wrote in her biography: “For those of you who are wondering, ‘Wait a minute, she was in Twilight ?. Yes of course I was! ”. Anna Kendrick then stated that she was Kristen Stewart’s “insolently embarrassing friend” who only dealt with boys and school gossip. Thanks to her role as Jessica Stanley, Anna Kendrick only stayed on the set for a few weeks. As she revealed, however, those few weeks were needed to make a living.

Kristen Stewart wasn’t a fan of Anna Kendrick

Unlike her Twilight colleague Kristen Stewart, none of the directors Anna Kendrick worked with in the years that followed had ever seen Twilight. However, since she made many films without getting paid for them, the role was existential for her. Even though, according to her statement, it is the “most ridiculous job [gewesen sei]to secure his livelihood. “. The fact that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner made a meteoric breakthrough thanks to Twilight should not have elicited any envious looks from Anna Kendrick. After all, she was lucky enough not to have been infected with the “uncanny super fame” that the main actors still suffer from today.

Unlike Kristen Stewart, the post-Twilight period was better rather than worse for Anna Kendrick

At first, Anna Kendrick came to the Twilight set full of vigor. But Kristen Stewart and Kellan Lutz were not at all impressed by their high spirits. She even revealed that Kellan “probably strangled her [hätte]if he had the energy. ” Anna Kendrick apparently only avoided a bitch with Kristen Stewart. Because even though Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend was “one of the most dedicated actresses” she’d ever worked with, Kristen had to go out of her way to be kind to her. Even though Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick were supposed to play girlfriends at Twilight. She “made a courageous attempt to be friendly, but I realized that she had to really overcome herself. Behind every word I heard: ‘You have no idea how it is out there’ ”. The harsh conditions on the Twilight set, such as freezing cold and wet, would have made it almost impossible for the Twilight actors to be friendly to each other.

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