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Billie Eilish: She Was Abused In Her Youth!

Singer Billie Eilish (19) is currently on the cover of the British “Vogue”. Contrary to custom, she does not show herself here with baggy clothes, but in body-hugging lingerie and corsages. For many fans of the multiple Grammy award winner and new co-host of the Met Gala, this step comes as a surprise. Billie was not only involved in the composition of the pictures, she also uses her “Vogue” interview to denounce the abuse of power in society. Her accusation: “I don’t know a girl or a woman who hasn’t had a strange or particularly terrible experience with the subject. And men too – young men are constantly abused.”

Billie Eilish demands to finally listen to her

The singer asks her fans to listen to her instead of running in the wrong direction with their own interpretations. The background to the complaint are apparently fan comments on her new single “Your Power”, in which it is suggested that the song is about Billie’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Brendon Quentin (24). But that is not true, “because that’s not the point,” clarifies the singer. The song is rather a kind of open letter to all people, “mostly men” who take advantage of other people.

Abuse happens everywhere

Billie Eilish makes it very clear that abuse is not a problem unique to the music industry. On the contrary: it could affect anyone “in a world of domestic abuse or rape”. Without naming her, she then becomes personal and says that even girls with a healthy level of self-confidence will quickly find themselves in situations in which they have to ask themselves: “Oh my God, am I the victim here?”

Billie reports that getting into an abuse situation through no fault of her own is humiliating and demoralizing. It happened to her in her youth, but she did not want to give the topic an unnecessarily large space and therefore not talk about it in detail. And she tells the potential critics of her rather revealing “Vogue” shoots that this is just one side of her. However, this has nothing to do with the subject of abuse. Because there is no excuse for that.

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