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Away with the extra kilos: Will Smith is now busy doing sport

Will Smith (52) declares war on his excess kilos! A few days ago, the actor shared a snapshot in which he, casually dressed in slippers and underpants, holds his little plauze in front of the camera. However, the film star is not proud of his tummy – he says he is in the worst shape of his life. Something should definitely change about that: From now on, Will is busy doing sports!

Via Instagram leaves Want his community participate in his sports program. In a video, the 52-year-old posed again with his current figure. “This is so hideous”the American wailed. Shortly afterwards, the Grammy Award winner can be seen in the gym: I want to do dumbbells, squats and pull-ups Want Get back in shape as quickly as possible.

If Want will appear well trained again soon? The participants of a current CodeList– Survey are sure: Will will get into the best shape of his life through regular workouts. Only 27.2 percent (120 votes) of the total of 441 voters are of the opinion that the Hollywood star shouldn’t stress and instead enjoy the time with more pounds on his hips.

Will Smith, actor
Will Smith, movie star
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