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Amanda Seyfried: She loves her dog as much as she loves her child

It’s no longer a secret that a dog can be a person’s best buddy. But in the case of Hollywood star Amanda Seyfried (32), he promptly takes on the role of a biological child. The actress has been happily married to her fellow actor Thomas Sadoski (41) since March 2017. The couple have a daughter they want to keep out of the public eye. Brought into the marriage Amanda already a son, whom she proudly presents: His name is Finn, he is seven years old and simply cute!

The “Dear John” star is not afraid to proclaim his love for his pet to the world. you Instagram-Account is literally littered with photos of the fluffy Australian Shepherd Dog. Even her husband Thomas cuddles with the hairy mutt every now and then, as a snapshot proves. In an interview with US Weekly the 32-year-old was just as enthusiastic about Finn as she was about her 13-month-old daughter, even calling him her “firstborn”. She chatted: “We have a very deep and emotional bond. I don’t want him to feel rejected. A dog has feelings too!” The four-legged friend also gets along brilliantly with his human sister, especially because she always feeds him with her food.

Amanda adopted Finn as a puppy. On the set of the HBO series “Big Love,” one of the crew members had a female dog who had just had kittens. Amanda, who has a big heart for animals, initially offered to distribute the baby dogs among friends. But before she knew it, Finn had already taken a place in her heart and has not left his mistress since then.

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