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Will Smith creates enthusiasm with a funny sports video

Updated on June 17, 2021, 7:39 am

  • Will Smith is determined to get rid of his “corona plauze”.
  • The actor has recently been busy training against the pounds that were chowed off in quarantine.
  • But how did the fitness equipment work again …?

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Actor Will Smith is in the worst shape of his life. As usual, the star announced this self-deprecatingly on Instagram at the beginning of May. Since then, the “Prince of Bel-Air” has been working hard to shed those pounds again. Unfortunately, after all these months of the corona pandemic, he seems to have forgotten how to use the equipment in the gym correctly!

Will Smith shows his very own training methods

Smith is now sharing a video of his very own style of circuit training on Instagram. The rope trainer is converted into a swing and the arm press is misused for leg exercises.

The unusual training seems to have some kind of effect: “I feel the pain in places that I didn’t even know existed,” comments Will Smith on the video.

“Isn’t that possible ?!”

Will Smith has at least trained the laugh muscles of fans and colleagues with his video. The post was already liked almost two million times in just a few hours. In addition to tears of laughing emojis, the enthusiastic comments pile up.

For example, actress Tabitha Brown writes: “The swing on the rope trainer has done me.” Another user says: “I definitely have to try this training next time!” And yet another user wonders mischievously: “Wait, isn’t that the correct way to use the devices ?!”
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