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Smell like Kylie Jenner: Your perfume costs less than 20 euros on Amazon

We love this fragrance! The Eau de Toilette Pink Sugar smells incredibly good, with a sweet note that envelops you comfortably without being obtrusive. This is due to the fragrance composition, which enchants us with the fine notes of bergamot, raspberry, fig and orange as well as red berries, lily of the valley and liquorice and cotton candy.

Even the packaging with the playful design and the curly lettering reminds us of sweet moments: The narrow, cylindrical flacon is decorated with a glittering, pink pattern, the outer packaging with its white-pink convolutions makes us think of the moment that we as children was so fascinating: When we’ve been waiting for our cotton candy, surrounded by that wonderfully sweet scent, and watching expectantly as the cotton candy spins on and on around the stem … We love Pink Sugar on every occasion!


Scenting like Kylie Jenner isn’t that expensive after all

No wonder that reality queen and beauty entrepreneur Kylie Jenner (23) also likes this fragrance – at least that’s what they say. And of course, we don’t just want to look like them, we also want to smell like them. The best thing is: You really don’t have to be as rich as Kylie for it to work (her fortune is estimated at $ 700 million.) Because the 50-milliliter Pink Sugar bottle is available at “” for 12.25 Euro. 100 or 30 milliliters are also available.

Users leave enthusiastic comments on the website of the internet retailer: “A great fragrance that reminds me of my childhood“; writes one user. With her, the scent brings back the best memories.” I tried pink cotton candy again a while ago and was immensely disappointed. It will probably never taste as good as it was when it was a child, “she reports.” How could I like this sticky mass? What remains is the memory. From waffles, fair or curb, as we call it. I think that’s exactly how Pink Sugar smells like memory. “

A fragrance that makes us more attractive

Other users also think the scent is great: “This perfume is awesome. It smells incredibly delicious and sweet, but it’s not a “headache scent”“. I tried it out and my husband was immediately enthusiastic and said that this fragrance would fit perfectly, “writes one satisfied user and another thinks:” Pink Sugar is exactly what I was looking for. Not a fashion fragrance that every second person wears and is unbeatably cheap. I also wear it to work and have only received positive feedback on it. “

On TikTok, perfume expert “@die_duftstylistin” explains in a video that Kylie is not only an avowed fan of eau de toilette – but also herself: “It smells so good! Men love it, it smells so good to eat. Caramel, vanilla, cotton candy. But also a bit of musk, something deep, warm“, enthuses the TikTokerin, who is called Melli Zampanella and as a fragrance stylist advises people on finding the right fragrance. With the right fragrance, according to their website” “, we can look slimmer, people listen to us more attentively, we appear sexually more attractive to potential partners and more self-confident and charismatic.

Scented throughout the day: from flowery to fresh and tart

In order to find the fragrance that suits us best, we sometimes have to try a lot. Experts differentiate between different fragrance groups: Flowery perfumes are particularly popular, according to the website of the German Fragrance Association DVRH “”. Around half of all branded fragrances smell like this. Oriental perfumes smell heavy and sweet. As the name suggests, Floriental is a mixture of both. Fragrances that have both floral and oriental notes have gained in importance in recent years, according to the association.

Fruity perfumes smell like peach or apple – that flatters the nose and makes our mouth water. Citrus perfumes with bergamot, lemon or grapefruit are fresh. It is perhaps less possible to imagine what is hidden behind the term “chypre”: What is meant are perfumes that have a fresh, citrus top note and smell of labdanum and patchouli. In turn, the experts understand fougére to be a scent that smells of lavender, oak moss and coumarin – i.e. more masculine. Woody perfumes also have a more masculine scent, typically sandalwood or patchouli, cedar or vetiver. Sage, rosemary, cumin or lavender notes are often found in aromatic fragrances.


When it comes to scents, whatever you like is allowed! And that’s not the same in every situation: We have different fragrances for different occasions in our domestic supply. It can be harder in the evening, fresh and tart during the day. Perfume expert Zampanella also knows that fragrances are a “matter of taste”. At “” she says: “In my eyes, fragrances are also art and therefore don’t have to please everyone. The most important thing is that I personally feel great and more confident with them.”


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