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Salem’s Lot: Leading role for Lewis Pullman in Stephen King’s adaptation – Entertainment

Lewis Pullman could soon celebrate his big breakthrough. Photo: Birdie Thompson / AdMedia / ImageCollect

Lewis Pullman has secured the lead role in the upcoming Stephen King novel “Salem’s Lot”. For the son of actor Bill Pullman, the project could mean a big breakthrough.

The actor for the main role of the upcoming Stephen King adaptation “Salem’s Lot” has been found: Lewis Pullman (28), son of US actor Bill Pullman (67), will mime the author Ben Mears. This is reported, among other things, by “The Hollywood Reporter”. Filming is scheduled to begin in September.

The Stephen King novel “Salem’s Lot” (German title: “Brennen muss Salem”) was made into a film in 1979 and 2004 and is about the author Ben Mears, who returns to his homeland after a traumatic childhood event and is there with vampirism gets to do. The script for the third version of the film was written by Gary Dauberman, who made his directorial debut with “Annabelle 3” (2019). At “Salem’s Lot” he will lead the project together with producer James Wan (44).

Career springboard for Lewis Pullman?

According to the report, Salem’s Lot could be the big breakout for Lewis Pullman. The actor was previously seen mostly in supporting roles, including in the mystery thriller “Bad Times at the El Royal” (2018) or in the slasher film “The Strangers: Opfernacht” (2018). In 2019 he also stood next to George Clooney (60) and Hugh Laurie (62) in the novel “Catch-22” in front of the camera. Pullman will also have a role in the upcoming sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” (2021). Besides the 28-year-old, no other actors have been confirmed for “Salem’s Lot” so far.

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