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Ryan Gosling: Why it is so rare

Ryan Gosling
Why he makes himself so rare

Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. Yet he makes himself scarce. Why?

Deep blue eyes, three-day beard and then that look – Ryan Gosling, 40, as an actor in Hollywood for many years did more harm than help his good looks. According to the motto: great sight, but otherwise? He left those times behind for a long time. Today he is a star – whether light-footed in the musical “La La Land”, cool in the science fiction blockbuster “Blade Runner 2049” or sensitive in the Neil Armstrong drama “Aufbruch zum Mond”, Gosling is valued for his versatility. Every director would love to shoot with him.

Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes: Your daughters are top priority!

At the zenith of his success, however, the Canadian turned down the majority of offers, including the role of “Joker” in “Suicide Squad”. He didn’t even want to be “Batman”. Why? His family is more important to him. Ryan wants to see his daughters Amada, 4, and Esmeralda, 6, grow up. He wants time to support his partner Eva Mendes, 46, who retired from the film business in 2014, with the upbringing of the children. Contrary to what is usual with VIPs, the couple deliberately forego a nanny, for example, although they could easily afford one. For “Blade Runner 2049” alone, Gosling collected around ten million dollars.

Ryan Gosling: Why it is so rare

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Gosling explains to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”: “Making a film means being separated from my wife and children for a certain period of time. The film must really be worth it. Otherwise I would rather be at home.” Ryan likes to surprise his girls there with his own cake creations. Or they explore the Hollywood Hills together.

Ryan Gosling: The most important audience is his family

In principle, the following rule applies to Ryan Gosling: Before he accepts a film offer, he gets the permission from the family council. Because: “I also choose the roles with a view to what they could mean for my family. When I play another person, I also change to a certain extent over time.” And that could affect his star role: loving dad and husband at home in LA Smart, like Ryan Gosling, he knows very well: His family is the most important audience. Because she will always be loyal to him.




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