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Review and trailer for the film on ZDF

This is what a star cast looks like! Clint Eastwood directs, Tom Hanks the leading role – but the real story is what makes “Sully” so spectacular. The focus is on the hero from the Hudson River, who prevented a catastrophe in New York in 2009.



Drama 07/28/2021• 8:15 pm

January 15, 2009 went down in contemporary American history, which was marked by numerous catastrophes as the day on which another catastrophe could be prevented. US Airways flight 1549 had not taken off long from New York’s LaGuardia Airport when a so-called “bird strike” paralyzed both of the aircraft’s engines. Captain Chesley Sullenberger decided on a risky but ultimately inevitable emergency maneuver and landed the Airbus A320 with 155 people on board on the Hudson River. Nobody suffered serious injuries.

With “Sully” (2016), Clint Eastwood not only traced the heroic deed, but also affirmed the importance of the “human factor” in his calm meta-catastrophe film. ZDF is now repeating the touching story at prime time.


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“Sully”: memories of September 11th

An airplane rushes through the middle of the skyscraper canyons of Manhattan, the streets come closer and closer in a rapid descent. A wing brushes against a building, glass fronts burst, pieces of wall crumble onto the asphalt. Then the crash, the impact, a ball of fire. A scene as horrific and unthinkable as September 11th. But it was only a nightmare that captivates Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) in the loneliness of a hotel bathed in sweat. After all, just a few hours earlier, with his unorthodox decision to make an emergency landing on the river, the experienced pilot himself ensured that the New Yorkers would not have to experience another aircraft trauma.

This dream is just one of several scenarios that the film offers in its course about the possible outcome of the Hudson Landing. “Sully” is not a biopic, not a pure drama and certainly not a simple catastrophe film, but a multi-layered reflection on correct action and its evaluation, on points of view and consequences. The heroic deed itself is arranged in perspective and staged with the calmness known from Eastwood, which stands out as a counter-model to the general media accident hype.

Almost in a documentary way, without suspenseful music or hectic cuts, the rescue measures for the passengers who are stuck on the icy Hudson are shown: as a functioning routine work of all emergency services and spontaneous assistance from hurriedly notified ferries – not as a sensation seeking effects.

Tom Hanks plays the hero “Sully”

In “American Sniper” in 2014, Eastwood portrayed a hero whose moral status was in doubt after more than 150 confirmed killings. The “American Hero” “Sully”, on the other hand, seems to be beyond any doubt, having finally made what was thought to be impossible possible with his landing. But despite the deep gratitude of the New York people, Captain Sully and his co-pilot (Aaron Eckhart) have to answer to a committee of inquiry. The accusation is that he took too high an unnecessary risk by landing on the river.

What is the weight of the “human factor”, what do years of professional experience, instinct and intuition still count in times of complete automation? Where does heroism end and irresponsibility begin? “Sully” gives a clear, conciliatory and strong answer to these questions.

Until the latest film with Tom Hanks comes to the cinema, his fans have to be patient. While the musician biopic “Elvis” was initially planned for autumn 2021, the film is not due to start until summer 2022 due to delays due to the corona pandemic. Hanks plays the legendary musician’s manager, Andrew “Colonel Tom” Parker, in the big screen for Elvis Presley’s work.

“Sully” – Wed. 28.07. – ZDF: 8.15 p.m.

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