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Preview: Insidious murder in “Stralsund”

Insidious murder in “Stralsund”

"Stralsund: The Manifesto": Nina Petersen (Katharina Wackernagel) and Karl Hidde (Alexander Held) suspect that sensitive files

“Stralsund: The Manifesto”: Nina Petersen (Katharina Wackernagel) and Karl Hidde (Alexander Held) suspect that explosive files are the key to the Kellermann murder.

© ZDF / Gordon Timpen

In “Stralsund” (ZDF) a lawyer is found shot dead in his villa. In the First, Eckart von Hirschhausen again invites you to his “Quiz des Menschen”. In addition, the impostors “Brothers Grimm” (Tele 5) go on a witch hunt.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Stralsund: The Manifesto (1/2), crime thriller

The violent death of a business lawyer confronts Nina Petersen (Katharina Wackernagel) and her colleagues with a complex case that goes back to the post-reunification period. Johannes Kellermann (Neithardt Riedel) is found shot dead in his villa. Initial investigations point to a robbery. But when a manifest appears in which a group confesses to the murder and announces the “death of Medusa”, the case takes an explosive turn.

8:15 p.m., Das Erste, Hirschhausen’s quiz of people, quiz show

Identical twins have always fascinated us humans. But, in addition to the identical genetic make-up, do they actually also have a kinship? And why is the number of multiple births steadily increasing? Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen with his prominent guests. Also there are: dream ship captain Florian Silbereisen, actor and comedian Michael Kessler, and the presenter Jana Ina Zarrella.

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, Peter Hase, family comedy

Peter is a lively rabbit who lives in a forest with his animal friends and causes a lot of mischief – especially in Mr. McGregor’s garden, who tries by all means to chase the rascal away. When McGregor dies unexpectedly, however, the fight between humans and animals goes into the next round when a new adversary appears.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Schlag den Star, game show

In up to 15 rounds, Sophia Thomalla and Evelyn Burdecki will face each other in a direct duel. Who shows fighting spirit and fitness? Who shows brains and skills? The winner receives 100,000 euros. Elton leads through the evening, Ron Ringguth comments.

8:15 p.m., Tele 5, Brothers Grimm, fantasy grotesque

The brothers Will (Matt Damon) and Jacob Grimm (Heath Ledger) roam Germany at the beginning of the 19th century and pretend to be demon hunters. One day the two impostors are supposed to track down nine girls who have disappeared in a dark forest. Accompanied by their guard Cavaldi (Peter Stormare) and the equally beautiful and courageous tracker Angelika (Lena Headey), the brothers set off – and soon notice that this time they are dealing with real ghost figures who are under the command of the terrible Standing mirror queen.


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